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Welcome!!Sushi-ichi English Information

Sushi-ichi is a traditional sushi restaurant.

※Tax not included

 himejiCastle map

Sushi-ichi : Sakamoto-machi Himeji JAPAN

Location : Search Google maps “sushi-ichi himeji japan”
Operating hours : 11:30-13:40  16:30-22:00 ※Closed: Sunday
Language : Japanese only
Payment methods : Cash(yen only) CreditCard(AMEX Diners VISA JCB)




It is a 15-minute walk from Himeji Castle.

Meal is recommended in the Tatami room



jyou sushi set(sushi and miso soup)・・・3,500yen


eel unagi-hitumamusi(eel)・・・5,000yen


sen-hime set・・・6,000yen


sake himeji-SAKE

Course meal  Traditional course dish・・・Himeji-style

  • HIMEJI・・・25,000yen
  • SETOUCHI・・・15,000yen
  • TOKI・・・12,500yen
  • SIRASAGI・・・10,500yen
  • UGUISU・・・8,500yen

※Prior booking essential

Sushi-ichi is English for beginners. I can not hardly speak English.

I’m happy if you are a Japanese master.



Engyō-ji is famous for its Tom Cruise was the shooting of the movie.
Movie title is The Last Samurai.

Engyō-ji is a distance of about 20 minutes by car from the Sushi-ichi.